broadway Pier, Sar of India, San diego bay, drop pin to create track


Track Your Trip

Select Auto or Manual Mode.

Start your downtown walk, bike ride, or jump right into your morning run.

Add a track point at any location, any time yourself or let Lokate add one for you.


Add Picture to Track Point, Unconditional Surrender at San diego Bay


Create a Traveling Journal

Document your travels by taking pictures and notes and Lokate will remember where you went so you can relive the moment later on.

Use Lokate to document field observations of your birds, exotic animals, rock formations, geotags, your imagination is the limit. And Lokate creates KMZ file for you to study in Google Earth.

Tracks Page displays Name, Date/Time, Number of Track Points, Total Distance and Time


Review Your Path

With Lokate you can review your path with all the pictures and notes as you recorded them. It is a simple and powerful way to relive the experience.

Your can view each recorded location in succession or browse ad hoc using the map or track point list.

You can make corrections to any of the track point's notes any time.

Review all Track Points on map view. Bike trip with a lot of Pins. Orange color path shows route you took.


Share You Story

Share your observations with your friends and colleagues using Lokate's built-in email or Dropbox support. Lokate creates a KMZ file for importing into Google Earth.


 Lokate is a GPS recording application for iPhone. Use Lokate to record specific locations at anytime along your route when walking, hiking or on a biking trip. Use Lokate’s automatic recording mode to regularly record your GPS location automatically.

At each recorded location (Track Point) you are able to capture a note as well as a picture. The entire track with notes and pictures is saved and can be shared in KMZ format for importing into Google Earth or other applications which support KMZ files.